Rank Advancement

Advancement is an important part of the Sea Scout experience. These experiences help Sea Scouts to set realistic goals to achieve rank, accomplish projects, and gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them. There are many opportunities for advancement in Sea Scouts.

Ranks in Sea Scouting BSA

Apprentice Rank

The first rank helps new Sea Scouts get acclimated to the program and its goals.

Apprentice Rank Requirements

Ordinary Rank

The second rank allows for Sea Scouts to further their skills in knot tying and sailing.

Ordinary Rank Requirements

Able Rank

The third rank further builds on the sailing and leadership methods that were introduced in previous ranks.

Able Rank Requirements

Quartermaster Rank

The highest award for Sea Scouts presents a challenge that, when met, will affect a young person lifelong. The Quartermaster candidate must think analytically about how the program is delivered and supported, while developing a deeper understanding of Scouting ideals.

Quartermaster Rank Requirements